Five Keys to a Successful Startup Website

Choose a great domain name If you’ve done your research before choosing a name for your brand, chances are you’ve already weeded out a lot of names that are already taken online. Your domain name should be unique – not just one letter off from your competitors, but something that can’t be mistaken for another […]

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Five Essential Phases of Branding a Startup

A brand is defined as the complete experience that your prospects and customers have with your business. It is the unique personality of your business. It is the promise you make to your audience, and the one that you keep.    But how do you build a really good brand? Glad you asked. Branding your […]

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How to Create a Complete Brand Identity for a Startup

You’re anxious to get your startup launched, and ready to start bringing in some cash flow. We get it. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are important steps to take first to make sure your branding is clear and you’re properly communicating your services, and your goals, to your audience.    While your […]

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