A sample of our brand design services showing off a letterhead, business cards, and flyer design

It all starts with a brand

Your brand is more than just a logo. It’s your personality, your tone of voice, and your attitude. It is the visual representation of your own unique company culture. A well-crafted brand appeals to your target audience and forms a deeper connection with the people you want to do business with.

research + positioning

Before we even begin experimenting with ideas, the experts here at our branding agency put in serious research. We’ll take a look at your competitors to make sure that we approach your brand in a way that fits your business, but sets you apart. Then, we’ll get to know your target audience and what makes them respond to the leading brands so that we can put those principles to work for you.

brand identity design

We will begin your brand identity design by creating logo concepts after discovering how to approach your brand. We’ll work with you to narrow down ideas until arriving at something that represents your business perfectly. And because you’re going to use a variety of media in your marketing efforts, we create a full package of logo assets that makes your new brand coherent and super-versatile.

brand management

Creating a great brand is a lot of hard work, but the job is never really done. It’s an ongoing process to cultivate your brand identity, keep your materials consistent, and align your message with the needs of your audience. Brand management services ensure that every aspect of your marketing efforts fit the mold of that message and live up to your brand’s high standards.

a fully packaged logo

We don’t leave anything out!

We want your brand to be represented on ALL platforms + media, so we make sure to provide you with everything you need to make that happen!

You’ll always have just the right files you need to display your brand wherever you go.

BrittCreative_Icons_5-Logo Types
Main Logo, Secondary, Icon, & Favicon

YEP! They’re ALL there. Need more than this? No problem! Just let us know before we get started.

Color Variations + Watermarks

Full color, reversed full color, black, white, grayscale, 1 color versions in your brand colors + Watermark for ALL logo styles.

Matching Fonts

Keeping your brand consistent requires more than a logo. We will pick out matching fonts for your brand to keep your brand consistent & well-represented beautifully on any platform!

Logo Guideline + Usage Sheet

To ensure your branding design stays consistent, and your logo is produced correctly, we create a guideline + usage sheet so that you, and your vendors, keep your brand on track.

let's get started with your brand design.

start with a logo

You're ready to start taking the first steps in establishing, or refining, your brand to better reach your customers. 


We'll do the research, strategize the best direction for your brand, and create a logo that will help you standout. 

get started

brand identity

Everything you need to get started on building a brand that stands out among your competitors:

• modern logo design + package

• business card design

• 1000qty printed cards

• branded social media templates

• two collateral items**


Building your brand means being consistent. By expanding your brand to all aspects of your business, you start creating that connection between you and your audience so that you can convert more leads & sell more. 

get started

brand management

After you've established your brand, it's time to keep it consistent. Bring in the experts to help you manage your brand across platforms.

Building a business takes a lot of work, and you know that if you don't tell your audience who you are - then they will decide for you. 

get started

Tools to Cultivate Your Brand design & identity

10-Business Cards
Business Cards

We’ll put your new branding to use on a snazzy business card that will set you apart from everyone else. You’ll be ready to hand them out everywhere.

collateral materials

Postcards, Envelopes, Stationery... you name it, we can tailor it to your brand. The possibilities are endless! 


When it comes to marketing new products, the packaging is just as important as what's inside. We have the experience and creativity to make a great first impression.

social media branding

We create custom social media templates that will turn heads and get you the engagement you need - all while keeping your brand cohesive.

website design + development

A website allows customers from all over the world to virtually "walk into" your business. We make sure your site is optimized to work for you.

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