Consulting Firm Serves Their Clients by Offering Extended Services


This business offers senior-level marketing services to several companies, usually by serving as Chief Marketing Officer. Our partnership allows them to be more effective in growing their clients’ brand recognition and executing their marketing strategies.

This agency works with companies in a very specific, niche industry with high-profile clients where they provide and establish the best marketing tactics and strategy to implement and grow their business.

The approach
Key Problems

They do not offer branding or other design materials in-house.

Their clients’ branding and marketing materials are often outdated, difficult to navigate, and in need of an overhaul in order to reach their desired audiences more effectively.

This company was also in need of a rebrand and new website in order to present themselves as an authority in the industry.


This company seeks to step into a vital role that their clients are missing - as a marketing expert with the ability to develop marketing strategies and source the assets needed to execute that vision.

Our Solution

We worked with them to create a new brand that looks much more professional than before. We also designed and developed a custom website that provides a better user experience to prospective new clients.

We collaborate with this company on a project-by-project basis. We are not completely “white label” with this client, so the CMO remains the main point of contact, the “liaison” between us and the client. We are the agency that provides all the components that make the CMO’s marketing strategy come to life.

What We Deliver
  • branding + logo design
  • ad design + marketing materials
  • graphic design

    (brochures, flyers, postcards, web banners, social graphics, etc.)

  • Branded Agency Materials
  • website design
  • site care + maintenance
The Impact

The company’s brand is much stronger than before. When potential clients visit their site, there is a greater sense of confidence in the branding and marketing solutions that they can expect by becoming a partner.

Their clients have more consistent, professional materials to market to a worldwide audience. Previously, much of the work was done by less experienced designers, and the quality was not up to par with the expertise on offer. Now, their materials are more refined and represent them as leaders in their fields.

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