How a Local Agency Was Able to Expand their Service Offerings & Grow Their Agency


This agency came to us initially on a project-by-project basis, looking to expand their services and strengthen their current offerings for their local community, in the USA. They are now on a recurring retainer with us to accommodate their growth and expand their offerings even further. 

They offer marketing services like print marketing, online advertising, sem, and branding. They also offer website services like design, development, seo, and continuing site maintenance. Due to the relationships this agency has with its clients, we will not disclose specific information here.

the approach

  • key problems

    • Needed professional design and website services 
      • To expand and refine services offered to clients 
      • To refine and grow their own brand
    • Were not able to offer these services in-house at the right budget, and professional quality was needed for their clients

  • goals

    • To offer an expanded range of high-quality services to their clients 
    • To take a more hands-off approach as owner of the agency

our solution

Initially, we worked with this agency on a project-by-project basis, with great success. Our relationship has since transformed into a partnership for design services and website maintenance. One monthly fee provides them with ongoing access to our experienced design and development team.

By doing this, we have been able to step in and fulfill their clients’ requests faster and easier than ever, allowing the agency owner to focus on marketing to potential new clients.

We go a step further for this agency, handling client communication and working directly with the clients (as a part of their agency). This allows us to receive requests directly and complete projects quickly and efficiently.
We have also worked with this agency in refining, re-branding, and creating materials that will help their own brand grow.

what we deliver

  • branding + logo design
  • ad design + marketing materials
  • graphic design

    (brochures, flyers, postcards, web banners, social graphics, etc.)

  • branded agency materials
  • website design
  • site care + maintenance

the impact

The agency has been able to take a more hands-off approach because of our ability to service their clients as part of the agency’s team. This is increasing their profit margins in two ways: 1) giving the agency owner more time to focus on growing her own brand, and 2) providing a limitless amount of design solutions at one consistent price.

The entire process is faster and more streamlined for the clients, which builds trust in the agency. This makes clients more willing to keep coming back for more marketing solutions in the future. 

We have also expanded the marketing expertise that the agency offers. There were some areas where they were not so well-versed (like web design & development), and we have been able to step in and fill those gaps perfectly. This has allowed the agency to confidently market to a broader audience with a wide range of needs.

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