Tech-Focused Agency Services Their Startup Clients Through Partnership


This agency works with tech startups to launch their brands and introduce new ideas to the world. While this company is not one of our “white label” partners, they do coach their clients through the processes of branding and marketing, and turn to us to provide design solutions tailored to each client. Our partnership has allowed the company to do what they do best: serve as guides to take clients on a journey to startup success.

The agency builds advanced technologies through app development, Saas, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain to launch startup businesses. Their combination of technical knowledge and marketing expertise makes them an ideal partner for ambitious tech startups.

The approach
Key Problems

They do not offer branding or other design materials in-house. Their team works strictly in the development of new technologies.


This agency needed an experienced partner to provide branding and design materials that can help these startups build brand recognition quickly.

They wanted a partner they could trust to get things done without too much oversight, allowing them to focus on developing new technologies that will turn heads in the global market.

Our Solution

We work with this agency on a project-by-project basis, and collaborate directly with their clients as Britt Creative. We are able to stand beside them as a partner to take their clients through a creative process that they’re not so familiar with (branding, marketing, etc.).

We also rebranded the agency itself in order to help them connect with their audience more effectively and establish a greater trust with potential clients.

What We Deliver
  • branding + logo design
  • graphic design

    (brochures, flyers, postcards, web banners, social graphics, etc.)

  • Branded Agency Materials
The Impact

The agency has been able to add a whole new aspect to their offerings. They are no longer just a partner for technological solutions, but are able to provide professional marketing services to the startups they work with.

This partnership has built a higher level of trust with their audience in two ways: 1) in re-branding the agency itself, we gave them a bold new image that is better targeted to the people they want to reach, and 2) the brands we’ve created for their other clients gives them an impressive portfolio to share with potential new clients.

What Our Agency Partners Say

“Brittany is my go-to person for all things design, and has been helping me with several projects. Needless to say, I’m always quite impressed with what she brings to the table with her attention to detail and her eye for excellent and simple design.

I also appreciate how the work gets done on time and completely over emails with limited follow-ups. It is a rare thing today in the industry, and something that you should be quite proud of.”

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