Website maintenance and updates that prioritize your website's growth weekly.

Websites are not a one-time project. They require ongoing TLC in order to stay in tip-top shape after launch. 




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Maintenance services include updating the core of your site, updating plugins, updating themes, and implementing an effective backup strategy.

It can also include things like ongoing content, website and design edits to help you keep your site fresh.

Keep your site running like a machine. Our maintenance packages will give you peace of mind so you can spend more time interacting with customers and less time worrying about your site.

Stay up to date, secure, and eliminate down-time so you don't miss a thing. Click to find out what each of our maintenance packages can do for you.

Minimalist Plan

Our minimalist plan is created for startup sites, and new sites that don't require a lot of updates and support - but want a secure, stable site to send their customers to.

Premium Plan

Our premium plan is great for websites that need new pages, blogs, and updates regularly. With unlimited site updates included & extra security features, you have an on-call team 24/7/365.

Elite Plan

If you have membership site, ecommerce site, or you want the extra oomph behind your site, this is the plan for you. It not only includes unlimited site updates, like our premium plan, but priority support, regular speed optimization, and product & store management assistance.

  • Peace of Mind

    You can rest easy, knowing that your website is being cared for and you don’t have to lift a finger. 

  • Optimization

    Over time websites can become slow, get broken links, and have lower overall performance. With an optimized website plan, you’re guaranteed a site that is as fast, efficient, and user-friendly as possible.

  • Expertise

    Trying to D.I.Y.” your own website can often be a critical mistake - rely on an expert who is well-versed in websites and WordPress maintenance. 

  • Security

    Security can be a huge problem for websites that are poorly maintained. A maintenance plan will lock everything up tight and monitor your site’s security 24/7.

  • Backups

    Every website should be backed up regularly. If your site crashes or experiences a security breech, a recent backup of the site is an absolute life-saver. This is so important that even our most basic package includes a monthly backup, with options for upgrading to daily backups.

  • Site Updates

    Some sites can be updated with the click of a button. However, if you have a customized website, then updates become a little more complicated and clicking that button is the last thing you want to do! If not handled properly, updates can throw your website into chaos.

  • Design + Development Tweaks

    Updates to your site’s content and design are what keep your site ranking high on search engines like Google. It also lets your audience know that you are active and trustworthy. We can help keep your site up-to-date and looking good as new.

  • Technical Support + Troubleshooting

    Sometimes things just don’t work out, and you need help. Whether you’re having issues with your domain, hosting, WordPress core, themes, or plugins - we’re here to help. 

  • Content Changes

    Content changes may be easy, but they still take up valuable time. If you have content to add to your site, we can quickly add new content on a regular basis so that your site remains up-to-date. 

  • Content Creation

    Not sure where to start with creating new content? We can help with that. We partner with copywriters and have designers on staff who can create optimized content that will lead to more conversions. 

  • Analytics

    Curious as to how well your site is performing? We can provide reports on your site’s performance and make suggestions on how it can improve. 

  • Reports

    Statistics about performance, traffic on your site, security status, and even financial reports for sites with WooCommerce. Everything you need to know about what your site is doing for your business.

Sign up for a maintenance plan today! Then kick back, relax, and know that you’re getting the most out of your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send you my login credentials?

We will send you an automatic email after you checkout with a self-destructing link for your login credentials with instructions. Get them to us at your convenience. We will need your WordPress dashboard and hosting provider credentials.

How long will my care plan take to implement?
Once you sign up, we’ll have your plan set up within 24-48 hours.Everything from speed improvements to security optimization will be addressed by our team automatically.
Will you help me get started with my plan?
We’ll send you a series of introductory emails detailing how to effectively ask for edits, the best screen capture tools and other ways to get the most value out of your plan.
Does it matter what hosting provider I’m using?
We’ll work with anybody regardless of their hosting provider. We understand that different websites have different needs and that people have realistic budgets that they have to meet. If you’d like to upgrade, we would be happy to talk with you about your site’s needs and your budget to provide you with a hand-selected host provider. 
There are plenty of WordPress maintenance companies out there. Why should I work with you?
  • We offer 24/7 support. Because Britt Creative Co. is built around a 100% remote work environment, we have staff working from here in the US and across the globe. This allows us to offer around the clock support that will work no matter your timezone.
  • We give our customers access to premium plugins. Every website on our Premium Plan or Elite Plan care plans gets access to iThemes Security Pro (a $297 value), WP Smush Pro (a $600 value) and much more. This is pretty terrific value considering the overall prices of our care plans.
What’s included in your unlimited edits? What’s not included?
Unlimited edits do include edits to content, changing plugin settings and CSS adjustments. Things that are not included are custom development (PHP, plugins, themes, etc), updating custom code, graphic design, PSD to WordPress or building out a new website or subdomain.


  • Included: You want us to change out the logo with one that you provide.
  • Not included: You want us to edit your logo image.


  • Included: You want us to add a new product to your WooCommerce store.
  • Not included: You want us to create a custom checkout process for your WooCommerce store.
**If you would like to add unlimited design to your plan, we offer this to our Elite Plan subscribers. If you’re already subscribed, please email us and let us know you would like to add this - or you can purchase this on our website.
Do you really offer unlimited edits?

We get a lot of questions about our unlimited edits. But it’s true! Unlimited really means unlimited when it comes to the edits we provide. We don’t like to nickel and dime people, so we just ask them to pay for their monthly subscription and we provide the technical support. Easy.

How does onboarding work?
Once you sign up for the website maintenance plan that makes the most sense for you, you’ll receive a welcome email with information on your plan and details about how to securely send us your login credentials. Once you send login information for your WordPress dashboard and hosting provider, we’ll have your plan fully implemented in 24-48 hours.
The speed enhancements can take up to a week since we have to optimize everything for your unique core files, theme and plugins and we want to be careful not to cause any downtime for your website. So we take our time and make sure this is done right instead of risking potentially compromising your website.
What kind of security coverage do you provide?
We partner with iThemes to bring premium WordPress security to your website! Get started with our Premium Plan or Elite Plan and we’ll implement the plugin and optimize it for your unique site to give you the best possible coverage.
We’ll also implement additional security across your WordPress dashboard and server as needed. These security measures are unique for every website we work with, which means a customized solution for everybody.
Do you manage WooCommerce websites?
Of course! We provide care plans specifically for the ongoing support of any eCommerce site built on WordPress. Websites with advanced functionality like this require our Elite Plan. Sites like this take more resources for us to manage, so making sure you’re on the right plan means we’ll be able to dedicate what’s needed to keep your website secure, fast and running smoothly.
What if I have multiple (2+) sites that need to be managed?
Our care plans each cover one single domain (,, etc). If you have 3 websites that you’d like us to manage, you’ll need 3 plans, one for each. You are more than welcome to choose different plans for each website.
What hours do you keep?

Our team is distributed, meaning we work from around the globe! Our core web team is local to the US while some of our employees are international and work remotely. This gives us the ability to provide 24/7 service. If your website crashes at 3am on a Sunday morning, someone on our team will be notified within 1 minute, the issue will be addressed and your site will be back up immediately.

Where is your team located?

Our entire team works remotely. The owners of Britt Creative Co are American digital nomads, living in Europe currently, and the majority of our web core team are US-based and are working from the East Coast. However, we’re able to offer 24/7 support by recruiting the very best developers from around the world. We don’t try to hide this from anybody; in fact, we’re extremely proud of the diverse and talented team we’ve put together!

What are your usual response time and resolution time?
This varies on the time of day and day of the week, but most are responded to within a couple hours to let you know that we’ve received it and are getting to work. The majority of single-request tickets are solved within 24 hours. Occasionally it may take a bit longer for a long list of edits or more complex changes. For priority support (most single-request tickets are solved within 3-6 hours), feel free to upgrade to our Elite Plan
Again, these times are for a single task, but several tasks sent at once will be broken up and handled as multiple tickets. This may increase the turnaround time.
My website has been hacked. Can you fix it?
Yes! Just get started with our Elite Plan and we’ll have your site cleaned up within 24 hours. You can also sign up for our Premium Plan and we’ll do the same within 48-72 hours.
Do you have to move my website hosting to implement a care plan?

We will keep your website with it’s current hosting provider if you don’t want to make the move. We do offer our hand-picked WordPress hosting providers as the perfect option if you’re not happy with your current host and are looking for a hosting partner who will take the lead here.

Can Britt Creative Co. do one-time edits while I’m on a Minimalist Plan?
If you need us to provide edits to your website, the best way to do that is to upgrade to our Premium Plan or Elite Plan. We’re not big fans of one-time edits since we want to work with people who understand their website is a work in progress and want a technical partner who can help them continue to move forward. 
However, if you are still interested in a one-time edit, you can email us to have your edit evaluated. These edits may be able to be completed if your site has been built with us, if we have time in our schedule, and if we are capable to provide a solution. All edits start at $100/hr, with a minimum of 30 min billed. 
When it comes to security and website speed, one-time changes are simply not effective. We want to provide ongoing support to get your WordPress site fast and secure, then keep it that way.
Why do you perform plugin and theme updates weekly, not daily?
There are a few reasons for this:
  1. Sometimes plugin updates are released with bugs. Updating less frequently allows the plugin developer to get rid of these bugs before we add them to your WordPress site.
  2. Batching more updates together means an easier manual review. That in turn means a lower probability that something bad will happen or break your website.
  3. We’ll be doing all these updates on the weekend when most websites receive less traffic. That means a safer environment and minimal issues for your visitors.
We always make an exception for more major plugin updates, such as WooCommerce. When major updates come out for this, we’ll make the updates far more slowly to ensure that your website remains running smoothly without any hiccups.
Do you offer phone support?

We’ve set up our pricing structure to stay pretty lean and with our global team, it just makes more sense to handle all our support through email. While we don’t offer phone support, we’ve made customer service a huge priority here at Britt Creative and you’ll find our email support fast, effective and friendly!


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